2016 - a decisive year

In Early 2016 Hirschi is awarded “Outstanding Guitarist” at the prestigious Basel Blues Festival, Promo Night, shortly before taking a three month trip to go to Chicago. Whilst in the USA he is able to make his debut on the Chicago scene thanks to Blues legend Bob Stroger, who he met a few months earlier in Lucerne. Having been impressed by Hirschi’s manner and playing, Stroger invites him to join in on concerts and jam sessions in Venues & Bluesbars accross the region, a hugely motivating and valuable experience for a young Swiss musician. The Chicago trip is a pivotal moment for Hirschi and he decides to focus on music as a career. Back home in Lucerne, he announces his intention to resign work as carpenter and follow his dream as a Blues musician. In November, 3 days after resigning his job he is asked to sit in for Marco Jencarelli with Swiss Blues star Philipp Fankhauser in the Stadtkeller Lucerne.


Debut alias Dominic Schoemaker

In December 2016 Hirschi embarks upon studio sessions for his debut solo recording. 

DOWNTOWN STORIES containing original and cover songs. Recorded & Produced by Marco Jencarelli (Soundfarm Studios) it features, Angus «Bangus» Thomas on Bass (Miles Davies, John Mayall), Richard Spooner on Drums (Aynsley Lister, Philipp Fankhauser) and Chris Heule on Piano & Hammond (Sandra Rippstein, Bluecerne). 


Dominic Hirschi plays his last concert with "Cattlefood", at the Stadtkeller Lucerne in January 2017 and on the same evening debuts as “Dominic Schoemaker” thrilling the audience with his his virtuoso guitar playing and stagecraft. 


The new live band features: Dominic Schoemaker (Guitar & Vocals) Chris Heule (Keys), Andi Schnellmann (Bass) and Marc Egloff (Drums ).